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Attached are 2 examples that I created myself.  Please note that these were built as examples and do not belong to any of my customers.  Any code written for a customer belongs to that customer and is not provided or used for any other customers.


Complex Functions

Excel Work Automation

Decision Sciences

Complex Functions - Retirement Calculator

I decided to create this custom model after being underwhelmed with the available retirement calculators found online.  Please download this file, enter your  assumptions, and evaluate your retirement.


This application uses primarily excel functions.  After running one case a monte carlo VBA macro can be performed.  Please contact me if you have questions about how this file actually works.

Retirement Savings Calculator Screen Shot
Retirement Savings Calculator
This file is intended to forecast the estimated amount of retirement savings at a future date based on input retirement savings and spending details.

Your use of this tool is limited to personal and
Microsoft Excel sheet [101.0 KB]

VBA Work Automation - Address Lookup

This was a sample proof of concept I created for a small local bank. 


The bank needed to download the tract code to the government from the FFIEC website.  The bank would perform thousands of searches manually to find the tract for each loan.  This tool was created to provide an example of how they could automate excel to perform the same function in a fraction of the time freeing their employees to provide value added services.

Input: Address

Output: Tract Code Information


Please contact me if you have questions about how this file actually works.

Address Lookup
This file takes input addresses, enters those addresses in a website, and downloads the information into Excel for the user.
Microsoft Excel sheet [101.0 KB]

Decision Sciences

Should you buy or pass on this deal?  I specalize in decision making based on scientific methods.  Decision Sciences and probability can help your company evaluate multiple options to make the correct decision. 

  • Net Present Value
  • Expected Monatary Value
  • Expected Utility Value
  • Basian Probability
  • Queueing Theory
  • Switching Theory
  • Statastics
  • More analytical methods... just ask

These are all functions I utilize depending on the particular application. 


Please contact me if you have questions about how these methods can help your company.