Marker Consulting
Marker Consulting

Our Client Base

Marker Consulting specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for help with difficult financial problems.  If your company needs access to a financial analyst, I can help you just like I have helped some of these other clients.


Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • A bank needing to automate it's day to day processes
  • A startup company looking for help in creating a cashflow analysis to attract venture capatilists
  • A commercial real estate company requiring applied decision science for evaluating multiple contract options
  • A law firm needing help with a timekeeping records system
  • A manufacturing facility wanting a production dashboard 
  • A retail store looking to analyze their customer sales data


Please feel free to contact me for references.

Client Industries

I have proudly served clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Retail